If one picture is worth a thousand words, we must make sure we guide those words to fully highlight the brand of our business. Here are some tips to get photos ready for posting.

  • Create your own images. True it can be easier to find stock photography that suits your needs. However, your heart will sink when you see the picture you have on your posting on your competitor’s website or post. Creating your own images and taking your own photos expresses that your business is unique and has distinct offerings.
  • Be mindful of the background. The background of an image can either add to the main subject or be distracting. It is worth learning about aperture to control the focus of your images. If you can’t control the background before shooting the photo, it is also worth it to learn how to edit the image background with software like Gimp and Photoshop.
  • Always enhance your images. There are several great free apps to edit and enhance images. Therefore, there are no excuses when it comes to posting quality images. Social media image content is not expected to be polished; however, the image quality is.
  • Decide to post intentional images. Everything you post for your business should be representative of your brand. Be creative when it comes to what that looks like. For example, perhaps all image content will include your brand colors.

    Pages and Posts’ photography and graphic design staff produces images that exemplify your brand and unique personality.

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