Pinterest strategy

I began using Pinterest to gather unique ideas for a baby shower I was planning for my sister. Over the years, Pinterest has become my first-stop-shop when deciding on front porch decor, ideas for my next craft, and my next hairstyle. Pinterest revs my engines and ultimately inspires me to…spend money. Smart businesses are taking notes and are now viewing the growing Pinterest audience as potential customers. Almost all businesses are on board with having a Facebook presence, but a new train is in town. Here are a few reasons why your business should also map out a Pinterest strategy.

Pinterest users are ready to take action.

People who search for ideas on Pinterest are generally searching with purpose. They are ready to purchase an item or achieve something in particular, but want ideas on what to buy. When they click on a picture that sparks their curiosity, they may opt to discover more details by going to the website from which the picture was pinned. Subsequently, that website has just won a new viewer and potential client.

Pinterest content has a long life.

Unlike social media platforms where content is eliminated relatively quickly, Pinterest content sticks around as long as people continue to find the content useful and re-pin it. That means people can continue to be directed to a website as a result of a picture that was first pinned years ago.

Advertising on Pinterest is free.

A business does not pay to get content in front of Pinterest users for a certain period of time. Instead, views are based on your business’s ability to get potential clients to search for and be engaged by your quality content.

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