Facebook has not only enabled two billion people to connect, but it has also implemented a platform that allows businesses big and small to engage with customers. A Facebook business page is simple to create and includes advertising mechanisms. So some people ask, “If I have a Facebook business page, do I need a website, too?” The answer is a resounding “yes”.

Here are the reasons why your business needs both a website and a social media presence.

  • Having both a website and social media page increases your reach. We all know people who do not use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We also know people who stay on social media platforms all day. Both categories of people may be potential clients. Therefore, it is prudent to have both a website and social media presence.
  • A website signals that your business is serious and established. Having a website shows that your business is present, relevant, and here to stay. It is a testament that the owner is invested in the success of the business and takes pride in providing value to customers.
  • A website solidifies your brand like no other medium can. Social media allows you to utilize elements of your brand on their platform; however, it will also be surrounded by their brand. A Facebook business page will always still look like Facebook. If a user is on your business’s custom website, he or she will be able to fully soak in your branding message without other content getting in the way.
  • A website facilitates the complete sales conversion process. Information on social media platforms flows by viewers like a river. Your business news or advertisement may be pushed to a viewer on one day and then the next day they will receive news from a different company. Directing traffic to your business’s website and keeping them informed via email is the best way to keep potential customers at your pond.
  • Pages and Posts builds custom websites, landing pages, and social media content to share your brand to the world. It’s important that all businesses, big and small, employ all elements of a marketing strategy.

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