It's Time To Be Seen And Heard

Every business, no matter the size, needs a Marketing Director. With millions of potential clients only keystrokes away, it's crucial that your business skillfully tells its story, shares its expertise and provides value. Understandably, time is limited and marketing may not be the forte of anyone currently on your team. In cases like this, it makes sense for Birmingham marketing service provider Pages & Posts to serve as your Marketing Director.

Pages & Posts offers several packages to organically drive traffic from social media outlets to your website. We develop customized action plans and can handle as much of your social media engagement as you would like. Of course, we love data. Therefore, we will be tracking all metrics and reporting results to you along the way.

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On its own, day-dreaming about more exposure for your business will not make it a reality. Assigning tangible priorities to marketing and continuously evaluating the fruits of those efforts will make it one. Pages & Posts, your local Birmingham marketing service provider, will treat your business as if it were our own. We believe in taking calculated actions consistently. Here are several actions we will do as your Marketing Director:

  • Develop a customized action plan with metrics
  • Setup profiles as needed
  • Schedule routine posts, including development of custom content
  • Provide monthly data and charts to quantify progress and analyze any needs for adjustments

Your business's relationship with the world is important. When this relationship is built on thoughtful, consistent communication, it will be rewarding on both ends. When it is strengthened by routine analysis, value is added; and added value is the ultimate goal.

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